An Exciting Birthday Party Idea!

Plan your next birthday party club meeting or special event with us in a new and exciting environment!

Our staff provides basic instruction and belaying for all participants. Ratio of staff members to climbers is one to five to ensure lots of climb time! After climbing, celebrate in our private party room where we will provide tables and chairs in a warm and welcoming environment.

Bring you own food, drinks, plasticware, decorations, etc., or call for takeout.

We’ll do all the clean up!

  • Reservations are recommended at least two weeks in advance and a 50% deposit is required. 
  • Deposit is non-refundable and will apply towards the final balance. If you need to reschedule our party we can transfer your deposit if 2 weeks’ advance notice is given.
  • Remaining balance after deposit is due the morning of the event.

We will need an estimated amount of climbers when booking your event and a final count 2 weeks in advance prior to the party. To facilitate check-in and help the party start on time, please bring a printed copy of our “Party Guest List” with climber names listed.

All participants must complete our waiver. If participant in under the age of 18, only their parent may fill out the youth waiver on their behalf. No exceptions please. Our waiver is online!

Please call us to make reservations at (239) 990-7430. We will follow up with an e-mail confirmation of your party booking.

1 Hour


1 Hour

Private Party Room

  • Minimum # of Climbers is 10

  • Climb Time: 1 Hour Pass

  • Private Party Room:1 Hour

    (After Climb Time)

  • Cost is $35 Per Child

    (10 Child Minimum)

  • Party Host Included: YES

  • Setup & Cleanup Included: YES

  • Bring Your Own Food: $50 fee

    … or

  • We Provide Pizza & Soda: $10 Per Person

    includes paperware and plasticware,  12 oz. soda, fruit juice, or water and 2 slices of pizza per guest

Private Party Room Only: Room Rental

The rate for just the room is $250 per hour (include room host if needed and all clean up)

First 20 climbers are $25 / hour (includes all rental gear )