Climbing at Fort Rock

Come Join Us!

Come Climb With Us!

Climbing for the first time is always a challenge, but climbers get stronger and learn to use better technique the more often they climb, so we’d love to see you again!

You can always sign up for a membership to get unlimited access including all of our fitness classees.

Our front desk staff will be happy to share the best options we have to accommodate your needs. If you end up purchasing a membership the day that you purchased a day pass, your day pass admission will be applied towards your membership costs.

If you aren’t ready for a membership, consider purchasing a 10-punch pass to save a few bucks on the day-visit costs and you can share them with your friends and family.

First Time Visitors

All first-time visitors are required to complete a waiver.

Filling out our waiver online before you arrive will save you 10 minutes and you’ll get climbing much quicker. If you are under 18, your waiver must be completed by your parent or state-appointed legal guardian only (NO EXCEPTIONS). If a child is climbing with other family or friends, be sure to have the child’s parents or legal guardians fill out the form online before they arrive.