Top-Rope Climbing

Learn Techniques, Build Strength & Confidence

Top rope climbing is where the rope is always anchored above the climber. If at any point the climber were to lose their hold, they would not fall, but descend no more than a short distance, because the rope is kept tight by the belayer. It’s a mentally and physically easier way to climb than bouldering and a great initiation to climbing, as it requires less skill.

Top-rope climbing is a great way to build strength and endurance as well as practice climbing and to learn new techniques.

A top-rope test ( under 5 minutes) is required in order to top-rope belay in our facility. If you don’t already have the skills, we are happy to teach you in our Learn to Belay class.

Take a Class

  • Bouldering Class

    Learn the basics of bouldering with one of our qualified instructors.

  • Kids Class

    Teaching kids the basics of Indoor Rock Climbing.

  • Top Rope Belay Class

    Learn the basics of Top Rope Belaying during a 45-minute private class with one of our qualified instructors.