For the Adventurer in You

Bouldering is unadorned rock climbing, without ropes or harnesses, utilizing only your climbing shoes and a bag of chalk over safety mats. Your challenge is to climb short but challenging bouldering “problems” (a route, or sequence of moves) using balance, technique, strength, and your brain power.

The climbs are 16 feet, high enough to be exciting, but not so high that they’re terribly intimidating. Having safety mats on the floor means the risks of falling are mitigated, and leaving the ropes behind means that you are free to concentrate on the climbing, not the equipment. It’s just you, the wall, and your friends on the ground cheering you on.

We don’t recommend that first time climbers try bouldering and suggest waiting until you have had some practice and are comfortable with falling from height. Kids under 14 are not permitted in the bouldering area without an additional bouldering orientation and bouldering agreement form signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Take a Class

  • Bouldering Class

    Learn the basics of bouldering with one of our qualified instructors.

  • Kids Class

    Teaching kids the basics of Indoor Rock Climbing.

  • Top Rope Belay Class

    Learn the basics of Top Rope Belaying during a 45-minute private class with one of our qualified instructors.